DIY: Quick & Easy Summer Dress

I am not a great seamstress. I’ve been sewing since I was about 17 and I’ve watched my grandmother and mom sew my whole life, but I took a huge hiatus over the last ten years…since I’ve moved around so much, I just never bothered with hobbies that required things (like a machine or patterns or notions). It’s only recently that I’ve had the urge to sew again, but I decided to wing it and not get a formal pattern.

I followed this pattern from DIY Maternity–and as mentioned in my previous post, I’m still hoping…I’ve got no bump (except maybe the occasional food baby). I didn’t use jersey fabric, which I will for the next time around, I used a plaid seersucker of yellow, coral, white and taupe. (I just loved the colours, I didn’t really care that it wasn’t really the fabric I was looking for).

The dress cost me about $10 and 3 hours of my time. Everything that could have gone wrong with my sewing machine did, so there were a few delays.

This has been a perfect afternoon–quiet (no tv, no music), cool (thank goodness), and peaceful. I’ve just been able to hang out in my underpants, drink some cider, and experiment with the sewing machine.

View the final outcome on my Instagram.

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